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1. Luxury Bridal Styling

Understanding Your Vision

This is a very crucial part of the process. Imagine going on a new trip without a GPS. It would be extremely difficult to know where to begin. If you got lost, how would you find your way back? That is why it is so important to me to understand your vision. I want to nail down your ideas (no matter how many you may have)  and map it out so that we have a smooth ride. I also understand that for some brides pinpointing an exact vision may feel overwhelming but no worries! I can help you come up with ideas to suit your personal style. Let’s make wedding shopping a breeze. I’m ready if you are, book a discovery call now.

Insightful and Interactive Appointments

Once we have a clear vision it’s time to go shopping! I am here to keep you and your entourage on track. I can guide you to the right bridal salons to match your overall concept. If it’s your first time trying gowns, we can start with narrowing down a silhouette that suits you. Along the way we can work out details like beading, trains, and fabrications. The best part – I’m not a saleswomen. I want you to find everything you’ve dreamed of and I will never push you to buy a gown, ever. I’m simply here to help you find what’s right for no one else but you. I’ll keep close notes of what you do and don’t like, that way we can have a succesful recap which is extremely benefitical if you need time to sleep on it or want to check out some more stores. 

Choosing a Package

We currently offer 2  packages depending on what your wants and needs are. All packages include styling the bride, shopping for the dress, and choosing bridal packages but we also offer:

  • Attending fitting
  • Coordinating bridal party (bridesmaids/MOB)
  • Styling for the weekend (dinner rehearsal, bridal shower, brunch etc.)
  • Day of service – Bridal Assistant


Who Is This Service For?

Our bridal styling service is for any soon to be brides! Whether you are needing help piecing together your bridal attire vision, want a friend and expert to shop alongside you or you need a stylist to simplify the process and look out for your interest, I’m your girl! Chat with me to discover  your possibilities. It’s bride time! *Currently servicing Greensboro, NC and surrounding areas* 

Live a soft life

2. Day of Bridal Assitant

About the Service

This service is particularly for the day of the wedding. As the bridal assistant, I take care of small or large details and prevent things from slipping through the cracks. Remember brides, this day is suppose to be fun and extra special not exhausting and labor intensive! While your wedding planner is taking care of details like set-up, decor, and vendor management; I never leave your side – making sure YOU are being looked after in the best way possible. 

What's Included:
  • Attending to the needs of the bride and bridal party

  • Professional steaming

  • Dressing and wardrobe changes

  • Dress bustling

  • Emergency wardrobe fixes

  • Emergency ‘day of’ Kit

  • Luxury fragrance bar (optional)

  • Timeline management

  • Communication between vendors

  • Light packing and organizing

Wedding Guest Styling

You’ve got the event, now it’s time to plan the wardrobe. Avoid the hassle and fustration and book me as your stylist to help you look your best for a very important event.

Fragrance Bar

Treat yourself to a little something extra  on your wedding day with our luxury fragrance bar. Choose up to six scents for you and your bridal party to indulge in while get ready for the event of a lifetime.

Other Services

Please Inquire using the form below regarding other services not showcased. If we do not provide the service, we will be happy to refer you to our list of trusted vendors. 

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